Estate Planning

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When it comes to estate planning, one of the smartest actions a person can take is to prepare. Estate planning isn't just for the wealthy. The plan is more than just a will, more than just naming your beneficiaries; it's about making a plan that will help your family during a difficult time. We can help you with that.

Establishing and Estate Plan involves making a number of important and often difficult decisions.
* Who gets what assets and when?
* Guardianship of your minor and/or adult disabled child/children.
* End of life decisions - your Advanced Healthcare Medical Directive detailing how you want your end of life to be handled.
* Naming who you want to serve as your "Power of Attorney."
* Naming a Trustee and Successor Trustee.
* Legacy - how do you want to be remembered?

An up-to-date Last Will and Testament or revocable Living Trust are very important documents that should be considered "must haves" for everyone. Keep in mind that a Will generally means it will have to go through the expense and time delays of Probate Court. Further, a Will is a "wish document" that can be altered in Probate Court proceedings based on the decisions of the presiding judge. Thus it is important to also have a Revocable Living Trust. We can help our clients avoid probate by implementing and updating wills, living trusts, advance directives. A secure plan starts with a simple conversation.

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