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Shepherd Retirement Services, LLC specializes in helping people through their retirement years by providing my clients with information to make better choices that will keep their health insurance costs as low as possible, and strategies to maximize their wealth.

When we meet with our clients, we discuss the different parts of Medicare: Part A, B, C, and D. We explain how Medicare works, and we share with you about the different insurance coverage options to provide you the best value that meets your needs. We discuss how the prescription drug plans work as well as the recent changes in the healthcare law that affect these plans. In addition, we also have dental, vision, and hearing plans.

We inform our clients how the Medicaid Impoverishment Law can affect your retirement savings and provide strategies to protect one’s retirement assets in case of a nursing home event.

One of the things you need to consider before you retire is when to begin to draw Social Security.

According to a Kiplinger article by Susan B. Garland, “Social Security benefits grow an average of about 7% a year between 62 and 70, not including cost-of-living adjustments. That means you're earning a bigger return by delaying Social Security benefits than you are on your safe investments.” We have software available for you to understand all of your options to maximize your lifetime Social Security benefits.

We would value the opportunity to get to speak with you further about these options.