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What is An Annuity?


Most retirees cannot afford to make up a loss due to market turndowns. We have solutions that can reduce risk, provide growth and income.

  • Protection - There is no direct downside market risk to your money
  • Growth Potential - You can have additional growth with interest credits that are based in part on the performance of an external market index and some strategies offer uncapped* growth.
  • Tax Deferral - Annuities provide the advantage of tax-deferred interest accumulation until you withdraw money.
  • Income - You have options to create a regular stream of income for a certain period or for the rest of your life.
  • Death Benefit - Your annuity can offer your loved ones a quick source of funds.
  • Stair Step Approach - After a period your interest is automatically locked in and cannot be lost. automatically locked in and cannot be lost.

*Uncapped strategies may have participation rate/spread/fee.